Ronit Roy Takes A Stand For The Parents

Jun 21, 2020 02:02 PM

After the coronavirus crisis, everything has come to a grinding halt. Post this lockdown due to the deadly pandemic, many people don't even have a steady income. In a situation like this, actor Ronit Roy has taken a stand for the parents of students studying in Maharashtra. He has appealed to the Government of Maharashtra to peek into the matter of school fees.

The actor tweeted that there is no work or business; neither there are any sales, nor any income. He added that the time has come to pay the school fees which might even be lakhs at some places. He urged the Maharashtra Government to take a review and at least ensure no interest payments for school fees. This will help the ones who are struggling to merely have their essentials fulfilled during the lockdown.

The actor took to Twitter and took a stand for the parents at a time when the schools are expected to reopen in Maharashtra, probably in the month of July. He seemed to be quite worried about the future of the children whose parents won't be able to pay the fee. He made a separate tweet that what will happen to all those children whose parents won't be able to pay and whether these children will lose their future. Clearly, the actor is equally stressed about the matter and has said the right word according to the situation.

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