RK Opinion is Not a Gospel Truth

Jul 19, 2020 02:52 PM

Even if an Eskimo murmurs anything on Jagan the entire Great Andhra’s ears will pop-up. If the Eskimos praise Jagan then Great Andhra would salute them and write many articles appreciating their culture and traditions. If it turns out to be an insult then they would start a barrage of insults and in the throes of anger their rational faculty would cease and any nonsensical factual errors are possible. Perhaps they might call them warlike people or compare them with Vikings.

Right now Radha Krishna from Andhra Jyothy is hailed by Great Andhra because he believes that YS Jagan is better than former CM Chandrababu Naidu and KCR. He was quite specific in the comparison and believes that in handling Corona cases Jagan fared better than KCR. Maybe the comparison is valid between KCR and Jagan , but Chandrababu Naidu does not fit into the debate. He is only a leader of the opposition party and he should be gauged accordingly. So far the former CM had raised relevant issues like a bifurcation of the state and exposed inefficiency in conducting tests; also he raised the issue of high mortality rate in Andhra Pradesh which is a serious criticism against the ruling party.

But the hilarious part was the mathematical argument that Great Andhra latched on to. RK said, "If a is equal to b and b is equal to c, then a is equal to c. If we apply similar analogy, A is better than B and B is better than C then A will automatically become better than C. KCR is better than AP M Chandrababu in the previous term according to Radha Krishna. Now, Jagan is better than KCR. With the basic logical reasoning, Jagan is better than Chandrababu."

The syllogism and deductive logic that RK and Great Andhra had concluded is based on certain assumptions and opinions. Political games are usually dicey and mass opinion can tilt in any direction. Someday the same question will be asked about YSRCP and YS Jagan; maybe he will be the ‘C’ in the game.

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