RGV Office Attacked…Director Wants to Make Love to PK Fans!

Jul 24, 2020 06:21 AM

Director Ram Gopal Varma is making another controversial movie ‘Power Star’. Even though RGV is claiming that this film is purely a fiction and not on Pawan Kalyan, it is evident that it completely revolves around Jana Sena Chief. The posters and the trailer is enough to state that PS is a satirical movie on the actor turned politician.

Hence, the PK fans and Jana Sainiks are furious on Ramu and trolling him heavily on social media. Moreover, a counter film against RGV titled ‘ Paranna Jeevi’ is also being made to release simultaneously with ‘Power Star’. Amid this scenario, RGV is leaving no stone unturned to grab as much publicity as he could for his film. In this process, he is even provoking Pawan Kalyan fans through his tweets by challenging them on views and dislikes for ‘Power Star’ trailer.

RGV revealed that he is also getting threatening calls from Power Star fans. Actors like Nikhil also reacted to PS movie on his Twitter account criticizing RGV indirectly. Of course, Ram Gopal Varma reacted to all these threats and criticism in his own style and brushed them off in a very lighter vein manner. As the release date is fast approaching, he is focusing on publicizing his movie by giving interviews to TV and Youtube channels.

Sources say that the director’s office in Jubilee Hills is attacked today. Reacting to this attack RGV tweeted that this would add more publicity to ‘Power Star’ movie and he expressed his gratitude to PK fans sarcastically. ‘PK fans claiming to be Janasena members attacked my office and they have been thrown out into the lockup by my guards and Cops ...I want to kiss and make love to them for giving me more publicity for POWER STAR.’ stated the Rangeela director.

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