RGV announces World’s First Paid Trailer for ‘Power Star’!

Jul 19, 2020 07:14 AM

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma always makes headlines with controversial tweets and movies. In fact, RGV and controversy go hand in hand. Once again the ‘Bhoot’ director is creating ripples in Tollywood with his latest OTT movie ‘Power Star’. He released a video with his voice-over announcing the details of its trailer, release date along with the price to watch the movie.

For the first time in the world’s cinema history, RGV has fixed a price to watch a movie’s trailer. ‘For POWER STAR In the history of world cinema, the first time a viewer has to pay to watch the trailer in http://rgvworldtheatre.com by paying Rs.25/- Am repeating this payment only to watch the trailer. Full film will have different http://rate.Booking already open in http://rgvworldtheatre.com.’ tweeted the director.

And also he even stated that one has to end up paying more price to watch the movie if it is not booked before a stipulated time. ‘Rs.150/- per view of POWER STAR offer in http://rgvworldtheatre.com will only be till 25th July 11 am. From 25th July 11 am ticket cost will be hiked to Rs.250 like how one has to buy a ticket in black at a premium...So you can save Rs.100 if you pre-book and not wait till release.’ announced RGV.

Furthermore, he also clarified that there will be four types of pay per view bookings to watch Power Star. ‘My http://rgvworldtheatre.com will have 4 TYPES OF PAY PER VIEW BOOKINGS ....1.TRAILER BOOKING to watch trailer 2. ADVANCE BOOKING to watch film http://3.BLACK BOOKING from time of release to cash the hype and 4. CURRENT BOOKING when cost is reduced after a few days.’ explained Ramu.

At the same time, he also elaborated on the plot of Power Star in another tweet. ‘POWER STAR film is about how a film star’s lovingly founded political party miserably fails in the elections making the weakened powerful star self-search his mistakes and how his well-wishers and backstabbers join in along with his Russian wife, his loving plants and buffaloes.’

So, director Ram Gopal Varma is trying to create all the hype apart from the controversy to make ‘Power Star’ a huge grosser on his RGV World Theatre.

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