Raghurama Krishnam Raju Will Bear the Brunt of YSRCP Goons

Jul 10, 2020 09:21 AM

He is Industrialist, M. Pharma and MP to the 17th Lok Sabha from Narsapuram constituency from YSRCP. The MP is facing the brunt and ill-treated by his party members. He is isolated and hounded by the other YSRCP members. There is no possibility of a graceful exit. Maybe YSRCP is a mafia and it is one-way traffic. The exit could be costly and one might face attacks from all quarters. This is exactly the situation of Raghurama Krishnam Raju. He was alienating himself from the YSRCP regime for quite some time. He was praising BJP which did not go well with YSRCP. The party and the ruler expect 100% obedience and NO dissent.

So far it is not clear whether the MP will be disqualified from Lok Sabha membership. But it is rather clear that YSRCP will torture him and try to make his life miserable. Several cases are filed against him and there is a witch-hunt going on against him.

State Housing Minister Ch Sriranganath Raju has filed a criminal case against him for public defamation. MLA’s from West Godavari filed many cases against the MP.

One MLA states that “He is playing caste card and trying to instigate groupism in the party and create law and order issues.”

It is indeed strange that someone can play caste card in YSRCP. The only people who play caste card are Jagan and his twitter army.

MLA’s from Tanukgu, and Tadepalligudem assembly constituencies will be filing complaints against him. The intolerance is visible in YSRCP and Jagan had unleashed his supporters against the MP.

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