Raghu Kunche Castigates Film Critics and Reviews

Jul 03, 2020 11:34 AM

‘47 Days’ starring Satya Dev and Pooja Jhaveri which hit the OTT platform is a thriller produced by Vijay Dakonda and Raghu Kunche. Directed by Pradeep Maddali, the film has got bad reviews from the critics. Some websites even ripped the movie apart stating that it is very tedious to watch, dull and boring. This has upset the music composer and co-producer Raghu Kunche and he lashed out at such reviews.

In an open lengthy statement, Raghu Kunche vented out his emotional outburst questioning the authenticity of the review writers and websites. He slammed that those without any knowledge on films and journalism will simply sit behind a laptop and write reviews with a limited vocabulary related to films like ‘Lot of flaws in the script, Editing must be crispy, Songs week, Loud Background score, Camera focus could be better, Screenplay should be perfect, Direction Bad’.

Meanwhile, Raghu also alleged indirectly that review writers and critics are like perps who keep their personal details anonymous. His ending note stating ‘I am writing this note on my name…Not like a hidden thief…Raghu Kunche’ explains it all regarding this. He also expressed that those who question their writings in the TFI will be dealt with a vengeance by these sites. ‘Hence, many in the industry feel threatened about their career in Tollywood will keep quiet and suffer in silence.’ stated the producer of 47 Days.

At the same time, he brought the views expressed by director Krishna Vamsi saying that analyzing and experiencing are two different things. Raghu Kunche opined that the reviewers are not even leaving the OTT releases during the times of Corona. Sarcastically, the infuriated music composer said that it is the right time for the critics to axe even the TV serials and short films to death with their reviews in the absence of cinema theatres.

Finally, he appealed not to toy with the careers by writing such bad reviews on films as many lives depend on the result of a movie. Instead, he requested to give a few days’ for a film to survive. Having said that, Raghu Kunche urged not to kill cinema as many like him including the reviewers and websites survive on its existence.

Many are empathetic with Raghu Kunche’s outburst. But there are also few who are strongly objecting to the points he raised about critics' experience and knowledge in film making. As per their version, a gourmet need not be a chef to judge the taste of the food in a hotel or home. Similarly, a reviewer need not be a master in the crafts of film making to simply watch and say whether a movie is engaging or a boring one.

So, this will be an endless debate. We only wish that makers make good movies and critics write unbiased reviews.

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