Puri Jagannadh Plans to change ‘Fighter’ Title?

May 21, 2020 12:07 PM

Director PuriJagannadh is making a pan India film with Vijay Deverakonda. This movie which will be made on a larger scale with the join production of Puri Connects and Dharma productions is tentatively titled as ‘Fighter’. In fact, this title has already become popular. A major part of the movie’s shooting is also done in the Dharavi slum area in Mumbai for about 40 days till the lockdown is announced.

But, Puri has other plans over the title of the movie. The inside circles are saying that the director wants the title to be more unique and also like it to be more nipping to market the movie across the country. It is learned that he is thinking of changing this movie’s title to ‘Liger’.

‘Liger’ means it is a hybrid offspring of a male lion with the female tiger. Like his punch dialogues in his movies, PuriJagannadh is also famous with maverick titles for his movies. For example, ‘Idiot’, ‘Pokiri’, ‘Desamudhuru’,’ EkNiranjan’, ‘ BbuddaHoga Terra Baap’, and ‘Loafer’ are only a few to name.

There is also news doing rounds that the director is making plans to announce this title in a big way. So that it picks up and gets popular instantly among the moviegoers. Accordingly, PuriJagannadh and the team chose Mumbai for the occasion and it will be made official once the lockdown is lifted.

Newcomer AnanyaPandey is paired in the female lead opposite Vijay Deverakonda. This movie is going to be a perfect launching platform as a pan India star for the Arjun Reddy fame. Like many of his previous films, let’s hope that PuriJagannadh’s magic works out for this pan India movie as well. And also wish that he breaks the regional barriers along with Vijay Deverakonda.

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