Purdah Is lifted from Secretariat

Jul 27, 2020 02:10 PM

After all the drama and the hide and seek game; the secretariat demolished site will be open for media. This happened after persistent pressure over the ruling party. The secrecy was making everyone curious and raising suspicion. Congress President Revanth Reddy was more vocal and critical he stated that there is a treasure underneath the B-block and KCR is eyeing on it. Of course, for a reasonable person, it seems like a fairy tale story from Arabian Night tales. It is not yet confirmed if Revanth Reddy said it in jest or whether he was serious. Knowing KCR’s inclination towards orthodoxy there could be some truth behind the statement.

For the last few weeks, no one was allowed to enter the premise or even take pictures of the demolished site. No media personnel were allowed in and observe the demolishing process. The ruins remained a secret, and the confidentiality went to such an extent that roads were blocked towards secretariat and the commuters had to take a long route from Himayatnagar.

The media challenged the government decision in the high court. The officials were dumbstruck and failed to provide any valid reason. The high court gave the decision in media’s favor and ensured that they are allowed to cover the demolished area.

Secretariat building is a heritage site and the decision to destroy the structure was arbitrary which led to plenty of criticism against the state government.

The government had been at loggerheads with court and could have faced indignation for hiding the ruins from the public and media. Minister for roads and buildings Vemula Prashant Reddy informed that media personnel can enter the premise with precaution and cover the news report.

City police commissioner Anjani Kumar stated that 90% of the demolishing is over and 50% of the debris is removed. He is suggesting that there is nothing for the media to report except the remaining debris. But the ruins of the old heritage site would bring forth some intriguing stories and gossips. Maybe the hidden treasure that Revanth Reddy is probing on; the congress leader might be able to remove the purdah over the hidden treasure.

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