Puppy Reddy ki brain undha?

May 01, 2020 07:31 PM
 Jagan Mohan Reddy, YSR

“Puli Raja ki AIDS vastunda ?” was one of the campaigns that became a hit with Telugu folk few years ago when AIDS was at a rampage. As Corona pandemic is gripping over the world, “Puppy Reddy ki brain undha ?” looks like the new catch phrase taking over Telugu populace. Nobody knew who Puli Raja was but everybody seems to know who Puppy Reddy is.

Prashanth Kishore and his team succeeded in assigning the word “Pappu” to Lokesh through rigorous campaigning. They wouldn’t have expected that it will backfire as “Puppy” with the current circumstances. I think it’s clear by now who we are talking about. Yes, Puppy Reddy is none other than the Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh , Jagan Mohan Reddy. Though Pappu is a propaganda name, Puppy on contrary originated from General Public. As our team took opinion of a few citizens, they opined that the name Puppy should be the result of Jagan’s inefficient Tuglaq kind of a rule and his puppy kind of behavior with the central government. Be it his failure in controlling the pandemic or implementing the lockdown or his mad love for publicity when people are dying, public seem to notice it now more than ever. We have received a lot of better reasons from the public but to list all them down , this article space is not enough. After inquiring deep into this, people of Andhra Pradesh and whole world can’t help but wonder, “ Puppy Reddy ki brain undha ?”

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