Psyche of a Psychopathic Website in Great Andhra!

Jun 16, 2020 09:17 AM

During the early 2000s, the internet centers used to thrive mostly on cheap porn websites. Gradually, the days have changed and the informative quality content bases websites have taken over. Along with that, the advance of technology paved the way for the availability of fast-paced internet right at the doorsteps of individuals. Moreover, the revolution in mobile phone technology and the subsequent growth of social media altered the usage of the internet completely.

In this process, few websites like Great Andhra purely survived on ‘S’ content. Don’t mistake the ‘S’ with success. This site’s whole psyche revolves around the socially ill traits like ‘sensationalize’ ‘sexualize’ ‘sadistic psychopathic pleasure of denting the images of celebrities’ and whatnot. For someone who doesn’t completely believe with this theory related to this super psychopathic site, there are many instances to prove that this ‘Great Andhra’ website is nothing more than a ‘D… Baba’ or similar kind of perverted porn sites once existed.

When it comes to film reviews, everyone in the internal circles knows how this GA twists the review and ratings even at the last hour to suit their demands. It is up to the producers to run for the cover. Perhaps the art of bullying has become habitual for this site which is living like a parasite on Tollywood for over a decade and a half. There is certainly a limit and a peak for everything including Coronavirus. It seems that the GA virus has reached its peak too and everyone directly or indirectly affected due to it is sanitizing themselves these days.

The very example of an utterly immature and tarnishing article against uprising star Vijay Deverakonda’s service during turbulent times also exposes its distasteful and inhuman approach. If someone starts a social service to help 100 people according to his capacity, this site intervenes and asks ‘what about the remaining? ’ If an actor or an actress doesn’t give interviews, it cooks up something against them. Likewise, it took on a ride on the hard-earned images of many celebrities in TFI.

Finally, what GA does is that it can stoop to any level to gain visits to its site. After keeping a few general topics to read, we don’t know what it happens. Probably an ‘Aparichith’ might take over the site after that. Suddenly we see an article cooked up from nowhere with a strange headline like ‘Senior Actress's Affair with an Upcoming Actor’. And that too with a suggestive blank image in dark only to induce and seduce the psyches of its visitors.

In a very bizarre manner, this so-called Gandha site feels that senior heroes’ affairs with 20-year-old actresses are juicy and OK. Vice versa it is a shock for it. At the same time, GA ridiculously states that it is common in the film industry to lead bold unconventional lives and relationships. Probably, this site might be implicating the same moral values it gained over the years to the Tollywood as well. Apart from releasing first looks, it is time to act for the TFI to take a staring but scaring second look at this sick website.

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