Producers’ Guild of India Guidelines for Post Lockdown Movie Shootings

May 26, 2020 02:15 PM

Like in various sectors, the cine workers are also undergoing challenging times due to COVID-19 lockdown. Hence, the discussions are going on across the country to resume film and television shootings as soon as possible. The Telugu Film Industry also discussed the issue with CM KCR and Cinematography Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav last week. Finally, the producers guild of India has come up with a fresh set of guidelines to strictly adhere to once the movie shootings are relaxed from the lockdown.

As per these new guidelines, everyone should be allowed into the sets only after thermal screening. Those found with a higher temperature than normal should not be allowed for shooting. Apart from the cast and crew, the sets have to be sanitized every day before the shoot. The sanitization of the sets should be carried out only through Government recognized organizations only. Further, the presence of a doctor, a nurse and an ambulance at the location is mandatory during the shootings.

Except for the actors before the camera, others should be wearing masks compulsorily. And once the shot is done, the actors also should wear the face masks on the sets. More importantly the crew members should give a declaration about their health condition along with a confirmation that they are not in contact with a corona positive person. And the details of every individual of the movie unit should be properly registered at the end of the day.

More importantly, the crew members aged above 60 years should not be allowed for the initial three months of shootings. But, there is a relaxation given for the actors in this regard. The producers’ guild asked the filmmakers to make use of aged actors judicially. It also gave extra instructions for the makeup men and hairstylists. The guild made the wearing of PPE kits mandatory for them. Finally, it asked to reduce the size of the teams in art and other departments where more number of people are required.

The guild also advised everyone to present 45 minutes in advance before the commencement of the shoot. Along with social distancing and sanitization of sets, the makers should also maintain proper cleanliness in the restrooms. All these guidelines will come into effect when the Government grants permission to resume shootings of cinema, Television as well as OTT series.

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