Prithviraj and Aadujeevitham Crew Returns to Kerala from Jordan

May 23, 2020 06:29 AM

COVID-19 pandemic has forced several people across the globe to experience the toughest times of their lives. Malayalam movie ‘Aadujeevitham’ crew also faced a similar situation due to the lockdown. The 58 member movie unit which went to shoot in Jordan was stuck in Wadi Rum desert for about a couple of months. Malayalam star hero PrithvirajSukumaran was also stranded there along with the crew. Finally, all the members of this film unit returned safely to India.

The ‘Vande Bharat Mission’ came to the rescue of the crew. All the 58 members were flown to Kerala via Delhi and they landed in Kochi airport on Friday morning. The whole unit including actor Prithviraj and director Blessy is shifted to quarantine for 14 days immediately after they landed on a special Air India flight. The family members of the movie unit and the fans of the actor are relieved to see them back safe in their state.

Prithviraj’s wife SupriyaMenon got emotional with her husband’s safe homecoming after two months. Taking to Instagram, she expressed gratitude for all the officials and everyone who is responsible for the crew’s return. Further, she also thanked the fans and well-wishers for their prayers and support extended to the family during the crisis. Supriya shared that they went through very jittery times of their lives since Sukumaran locked up in the desert with the movie team.

Even the star’s daughter AlakritaMenon is happy by expecting to see her father in a couple of weeks. While in Jordan, the actor and director wrote to the Kerala Chief Minister and Film Chamber as well seeking support to lift them back to India. The dire situation of dwindling food supplies was also explained in the letter. But nothing could be done due to the global situation. However, the crew managed to complete the shoot successfully even during the lockdown.

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