Poonam Kaur Exposes a Star Director…This Time a Little More!

Jun 17, 2020 02:37 PM

Poonam Kaur acted in several Telugu and Tamil films but she could not attain the success she wanted to. Gradually she faded away from the industry and is left with no offers. But, Poonam keeps on making headlines with her indirect comments on a star hero and a director. This has been continuing for over a year when Kathi Mahesh spoke openly about what she had gone through after she was removed from ‘Jalsa’ movie.

Again, PK made sensational and indirect comments against a director in a series of tweets she posted today. Calling the so-called director sick and manipulative, Poonam explained how the director avoided her when she approached for help in distress.

‘My friend approached a director not once but twice ...thrice saying Poonam is unwell she is completely not ok... Can we do something about this situation.....and there are delaying techniques by the director...then I asked ...what we do now I feel absolutely sick n sad ...’ tweeted Poonam.

Furthermore, she also revealed that the top director has told her that it would be one-day news and nothing more than that if she commits suicide. Stating this, the actress expressed that she felt so wretched about the escaping approach of that man towards her agony.

Calling that director ‘Guruji’, she alleged that he is manipulating a star hero for his advantage. She also revealed that this director was the reason for this Tollywood star to divorce his wife. ‘U stopped ur friend from getting back to his very loving wife ... who she could have died for n the star gets abused today why coz of u coming in between them. Children suffered, he suffered, he still suffers ... why did u do this ...are u places to kill him like slow poison? PK questioned in agony.

Eventually, the actress clarified that she won’t be taking any drastic step of committing suicide. ‘I don’t want people talking about my death after I was gone ....I’m alive now n I need help now... What happened with me should not happen with any other girl!’ poor Poonam disclosed the pain she is going through right now.

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