Planning on for the Doses of Coronavirus

Jun 22, 2020 01:24 PM

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has disrupted lives badly. Doctors and researchers have been trying to find out the vaccine for the pandemic disease that's taking lives in thousands every day. Finally, after much effort, the coronavirus vaccine has been found. WHO is hoping that millions of doses of the vaccine can be produced this year. Also, they expect 2 million doses of the vaccine to be out in the market by the end of 2021. The chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan has confirmed the same. The news comes as a wave of happiness amidst these tough times.

Plannings are on so as to decide who should be given the corona vaccine first. For now, it is being said that priority will be given to the frontline workers. This is mainly because they are more susceptible to the disease. Along with them, the vaccine would be given to those who work in care homes and prisons.

The scientist further added that nearly 10 vaccines are under trials in humans, at the moment and the good news can come any time. Although vaccines haven't yet given to work, some countries are in talks with renowned pharmaceutical companies to order the doses of the corona vaccine.

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