People turn ignorant in Hyderabad

Jul 30, 2020 12:26 PM

Social distancing has become a crucial part of our lives, post-pandemic. One cannot simply risk his or her life during these tough times. At this time when social distancing is quite important to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, many people in Hyderabad are turning ignorant and not following the necessary precautions. The restrictions imposed earlier during the lockdown have been lifted. People are not following social distancing at the public places and in the market.

People who visited Rythu bazaar were seen flocking onto the roads and social distancing was not visible while they bought vegetables. People are hardly seen practicing social distancing at the vegetable market of the city in the early morning hours. This is commonly found in some of the busiest markets of the city. These markets include the Kothapet market, the Monda market, and some other shopping complexes where the crowd of people is usually seen. Even Musheerabad fish market is experiencing a heavy rush, especially on Sundays. Even the traders at the fish market are trying their best to make people maintain social distancing. However, the sad part is that people don't pay any heed to these traders as they are in a hurry and simply rush the market.

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