Pay Cut in Telangana for Government Employees and pensioners

Jun 19, 2020 03:36 PM

From March this year, the state government of Telangana has been paying only 50% of salaries to government employees and 75% of the pension to pensioners due to cash crunch created by Covid-19 lockdown.

Due to lockdown, everyone cooperated with the Government silently and they were expecting the situation would come to normal and get full salaries and pensions when the lockdown is lifted. Quite contrary to their expectations, the Telangana Government continued to pay only part of their salaries and pensions.

Some pensioners approached High court questioning the Government's decision, after which High court directed the Government to file an affidavit. However, the Government realized that it doesn't have any legal backing in the decision to defer the salaries and pensioners, immediately it has brought out the ordinance, Telangana Disaster and Public Health Ordinance Emergency (Special Provisions) Ordinance, 2020 which was then promulgated by Governor.

According to the ordinance, the Government can defer any payment in part to any person, institution, employee or pensioner in the event of a disaster and public health management in the State. The State Government can now legally pay only 50% to Govt employee, 60% salary to all India service officers, 75% to elected representatives and pensioners until next 6 months from the date of deferment. Even employees of public sector undertakings come under this ordinance.

Employee associations were shocked by the sudden move of Government to bring in an ordinance to justify itself before the high court to cut salaries and pensions. They demanded the ordinance to be removed and full payment of salaries and pensions be restored immediately to help them in their hardships for the last three months due to lockdown.

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