Pawan Kalyan Keeps directors Krish and Harish on Tenterhooks!

Jun 21, 2020 10:35 AM

Pawan Kalyan is making a re-entry in films through ‘Vakil Saab’. Simultaneously, he also signed another two films. One is ‘Krish’s ‘Virupaksha’ movie produced by AM Ratnam and another one is with ‘Gabbar Singh’ director Harish Shankar. So, this news tripled the joy of the PK fans as they are very eager to see their favorite hero back on the big screen.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has poured waters on Pawan Kalyan fans excitement. If it was not the case, they would have already seen ‘Vakil Saab’ by now. This movie which is being produced jointly by ‘DilRaju’ and ‘Boney Kapoor’ has completed its major part before the lockdown. Only a few days of shooting is needed to wrap up the remaining film.

Hence, Pawan Kalyan is only focusing on this movie right now. He wants to finish the shooting of the movie as soon as possible to make it ready for a release in theatres when they are opened. Meanwhile, Pawan is not giving a thought to the other two films at the moment due to various reasons. ‘Vakil Saab’ needs a limited crew to shoot. But whereas Krish’s historical film needs larger crowds. Given the present scenario, it doesn’t look like it is a smart thing to do for the star.

At the same time, there is a buzz on social media that PK wanted to postpone ‘Virupakshi’ to give way to Gabbar Singh director. But actually, the sources say that the political star is not even giving a thought to both these films. Mainly, due to the present uncertain scenario. But, this is keeping the directors on tenterhooks as Pawan is known to be a very quick flip-flopper of his decisions.