Pawan Kalyan Amid Hyenas of YSRCP & Great Andhra

Jul 22, 2020 12:20 PM

It seems that Great Andhra which is a media mouthpiece of YSRCP with a special liking for YS Jagan cannot leave Pawan Kalyan alone. Although they are on a witch-hunting spree towards the opposition Pawan Kalyan; who hold a special place for the news website. It was rather a condescending news item by Great Andhra that the actor had woken up to Amravati issue. In fact, Amravati is an ongoing issue and every opposition leader including the NRI as well as common farmers are involved in it. They are against the oppression and the highhandedness of the YSRCP policy on dividing the state capital.

Pawan Kalyan seems quite vocal on bifurcation of the state capital. The three capital bill is already sent to Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan. The actor had suggested that the Governor should delve into the details before making any decision as plenty of things are at stake.

Perhaps for YSRCP, it is merely a political issue, but the farmers of Amravati had sacrificed 34,000 acres of land to build a new capital of divided Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan Kalyan said, “Their sacrifices should not go waste and the government cannot ignore the farmers, but respect their sentiments.”

Jana Sena chief mentioned that “We shall stand by the farmers till justice is done to them.”

Apart from the varying view points of Jana Sena and YSRCP one thing is clear that the media outlet of the ruling party is incessantly provoking the actor in every way.

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