Party Color Politics in Telanagana

Jul 25, 2020 11:38 AM

Sometimes political parties should be reminded that we live in a democracy and no one would remain in power for eternity. All political outfits should be reminded from time to time that it is better leave a lasting legacy instead of buildings and paintings. There seems to be an amnesia creeping in some of the political parties that there is no oligarchy but functioning democracy in India. For instance, YSRCP Jagan Mohan Reddy painted the gram panchayat building with party colors. It was only after an outrage from opposition leaders that the ruling party had to change the color.

Telangana Government started a great initiative in introducing the toilets for women through state transport corporation. But there was an outrage over the color pink which is also the party color of TRS. The RTC Women Bio-toilets symbolize the ruling party in Telangana state. Puvvada Ajay Kumar transport minister tweeted that the bio-toilets were painted pink because of the instruction received from IT minister KTR.

However, the controversy was gaining traction hence Chief Minister KCR had to intervene and he ordered the minister to immediately remove the pink color. It is still a mystery if the color was removed because it was used for toilets; maybe TRS would have continued it if it was a building or a new project.

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