Panic in ‘Chitrapuri’ Colony due to Corona Alert!

Jun 20, 2020 02:56 PM

The Coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing all over the country. Hyderabad is registering over 200 cases daily and the count is going up every day. The government is trying to control the pandemic through declaring red and containment zones. But, everyone is in a sense of panic as no one is sure from where this dreadful virus is spreading.

The people who work in 24 crafts of Tollywood live in the Chitrapuri colony. As many as about 10,000 people live in this community. Till recently, there was no sign of the virus. But all of a sudden a case is registered in L-16 of LIG single bedroom block. This has sent the shock waves among all of those living there.

So, the committee of the colony has announced high alert appealing the families living in LIG & EWS to be in lockdown for 20 days. Furthermore, it also asked the relatives, friends, and outsiders to vacate the colony by today evening. Simultaneously, those living here are advised to get the 10 days ration in advance. The children and the elders are asked to be extra cautious.

Already, the cine workers are facing many issues due to lack of work in Tollywood. And the entry of Corona to their doorsteps is making their lives worse. If the number of cases increases, the police might take over Chitrapuri into their control. Meanwhile, the committee of the colony is facing huge criticism over their response time not only in this issue but also pertaining to several other problems in the community.


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