Pandemic Impacting Teachers and Tech

May 22, 2020 09:36 AM

This pandemic would raise many questions on job stability. Every sector is under the juggernaut of the novel coronavirus. Software Professionals, teachers, or manual laborers are not getting enough pay to feed their family. In Hyderabad, Chiranjeevi and his wife Padma are professional tutors teaching in schools. One is a social teacher and the other is a Primary school teacher. Both are currently working as manual laborers and daily wage earners. The couples belong to Bhongir-Yadadri village at MGNREGA work-site and work as a daily laborer to make a living. It’s been tough going as they did not receive any salary for the last couple of months and they have to feed a family of six people. They hardly earn 200-300 a day to buy vegetables for the family.

It’s been tough going for the teachers for the last three months. Nearly, two lakhs teachers have been impacted, and 10,000 recognized and 8000 unrecognized institutes are unable to pay the salaries for the last three months. In several private schools, many teachers are sacked and they are jobless; due to this several teachers are becoming manual laborers. This will continue until the schools are re-opened.

Apart from the high school and primary schools teacher; lecturers with double PHD’s like Ramesh and Sri Krishna are toiling under the sun as laborers.

Besides teachers, the Coronavirus has hit the IT industry. Even software professionals might lose their jobs. It is rather disheartening that many employees in the IT industry drawing a fat paycheck might lose employment. For instance, Swapna an IT professional in Hyderabad was making Rs 100,000 per month is jobless and working as a manual laborer. These are uncertain times and it is impacting every person in various industries. Many professionals are going to MGNREGA Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act to find some employment so that they can put some food on the table.

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