Online Classes on Smartphone’s Issue Raised by Telangana High Court

Jul 02, 2020 08:07 AM

Online classes had always been under severe scrutiny and many parents, educators had consistently shown their displeasure over the virtual classroom. Where they being old-fashion or is there any tangible argument to it? The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus had certainly raised many questions and challenges over online classrooms and opened doors of alternate ways to educate. There is an old cliché, “Necessity is a mother of all invention.” Hence let’s see where this necessity leads to as conventional ways aren’t working in these times when the virus is spreading at an exponential rate.

How do we educate children?

Live classes are a serious concern for parents who cannot afford more than one Smartphone, Laptop, and those parents with more than one child. All these pertinent issues were raised by the Telangana High Court on Wednesday. The high court is seeking information from the Telangana Government for its stance on online classes. The Government should submit a report this Friday. The issue on online classes was raised after Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed by the Hyderabad School Students Parents Association to stop online classes.

During the hearing at the court; issues related to the purchasing power of parents was discussed and whether parents can afford multiple high-tech gadgets for online classes. So far no decision has been taken on online classes. The court had shown its discontent towards online classes for nursery and lower grade children. Also, the petitioner stated that online classes before the beginning of the academic year is illegal. It is indeed a catch-22 situation for schools and parents. Parents can only hope for an amicable solution.

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