NRI Telugus Joins the Bandwagon Full Support for Amravati Movement

Jul 04, 2020 11:49 AM

Interesting turn of events on the 200th Day of Amravati Protest. NRI’s are showing solidarity with Amravati movement. YSRCP is languishing in arrogance; in the meantime, the support increases across the globe. Telugus from Andhra Pradesh residing in various parts of the world have expressed their support towards the people of Amravati. The spirits are high among the farmers, and there is a growing resentment towards the Government decision to trifurcate the state capital. Saturday is the 200th day of the protest. TDP had joined the bandwagon and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu had shown solidarity towards the farmers.

It is quite fascinating to watch worldwide outrage towards the state government which is showing signs of anti-democracy. The NRI’s were seen holding candles and placards shouting slogans against the YSRC policies. They are demanding the state government to withdraw two capitals or three capitals and start focusing on Amravati development.

Around 100,000 Telugu NRI’s protested in 300 cities across the globe from various corners, united for “one state one capital.”

According to Jayaram Komati in the USA every prominent NRI showed dissent towards the Andhra Pradesh State Government. NRI’s from United States, Austria, Canada, Ireland, Kuwait, South Africa, France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia are showing their solidarity towards the movement and raising slogans, “Don't Kill Amaravati, Build Amaravati.”

The movement is supported by men, women, and children. The outcome had so far been phenomenal. The event complied with Covid-19 rules; therefore all necessary precautions were taken.

It was indeed symbolic (numerically) for Telugu Desam Party. The intention was to show solidarity in 200 cities across the world on the 200th day. But it exceeded to 230 cities and eventually went up to 300.

The protesters snubbed Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and he is blamed for the upheaval. It was a dream of 6 crore people, said one of the protesters. The plan was to bring Singapore but all that went for a toss when YS Jagan Mohan Reddy made it into a Real Estate Project.

The protester showed his displeasure which should be an eye-opener for YSRCP voters and supporters. Singapore is the most respected country in the world with spectacular infrastructure. However, the opportunity was shunned by YSRCP. The party is blinded with arrogance and failed to show sagacity. Perhaps the only quality that is left with Jagan and his supporters is ‘nuisance value.’

The world-wide protest shows the desperation of the Telugu people. It had indeed put an end to their dreams and ridiculed a wonderful historical movement which could be a reality. Amaravathi was the capital of ancient Satavahanas dynasty who ruled during the 3rd century BCE. But YSRCP lacks a sense of history and doesn’t care a hoot about the sentiments of people. It was a great opportunity to relive the past and a symbolic gesture to pave the way for the people of Andhra Pradesh towards development. It was an opportunity where Jagan could have augmented his image and restored faith in his governance.

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