No More Lockdowns KCR Requested the PM

Jun 19, 2020 03:14 PM

In response to a query raised by CM KCR, PM Modi has clarified that the days of lockdown are over and in fact the focus is now on unlock 2.0. This interaction happened during the visual meeting called by PM Modi to understand the implications and challenges of unlock 1.0 and carefully plan the way forward.

During this meeting KCR has asked, "There have been rumors for quite some time that the Centre might re-impose lockdown in the country. People are speculating that an announcement could be made to this effect after the PM’s video conference with chief ministers of all the states. I have been telling people that you (PM Modi) will not take a decision to re-impose lockdown without talking to all the CMs. It will be better if there is clarity from you in this regard."

“There will not be any lockdown in the country. The four phases of lockdown are over. The phase of Unlock 1 is going on now. We all should discuss what to do during the unlock 2.0,” the Prime Minister said in reply.

KCR also requested CM of Bihar Nitesh Kumar to send Hamalis from Bihar to work in Telangana. He said, "Nitish Ji we are taking very good care of Hamalis coming from your State Bihar. Our Chief Secretary (Somesh Kumar) is also a Bihari. Please send the Hamalis".

A total of 14 CMs and representatives have participated in this event. However, Jagan Mohan Reddy CM of AP and Mamata Banerjee CM of West Bengal skipped the event.

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