New Irrigation Project by Andhra Pradesh is Highly Objectionable

May 14, 2020 12:58 PM

The new irrigation project by the Andhra Pradesh Government had irked KCR and he is prepared to stop it at any cost. K. Chandrashekhar Rao considers it highly “objectionable project”, undertaken by the AP state. It is indeed an arbitrary decision taken and is also against the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act. The Telangana Chief Minister is clear about his stance and he will take this matter to court. KCR believes that it would hamper the interest of the State of Telangana. A complaint is already filed against the Andhra government in the Krishna Water Management Board.

It was an arbitrary decision to venture on a new lift irrigation project which would lift almost 3 TMC water from Srisailam. There is already a GO order issued about this project.

KCR showed his dissatisfaction against the neighboring state for taking a unilateral decision with regards to the inter-state Srisailam project. The CM confirmed that any new project could only be undertaken with the consent of the Apex Committee. It is a grave mistake committed by the neighboring state. Chief Minister KCR was clear that his state would go to any length to stop this project.

KCR also stated that the project should’ve been in collaboration with the neighboring state. The water belongs to both the states and the decision was taken as per the whims of the leaders. He also warned that if the water is diverted then there will be a huge water crisis in Rangareddy, Palamuru, and Nalgonda districts. The situation would be dire and there will be a serious shortage of drinking water. Even water for agriculture wouldn’t be sufficient which would eventually impact food production.

The CM of Telangana reminded that his Government had always been friendly to the neighboring state when it comes to river water. He believes that both the states should reap the benefits. A unanimous decision that benefits both parties would have overcome differences and acrimony. KCR has shown his displeasure on the unilateral decision taken by the AP state.

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