Never Experienced Nepotism in Tollywood: Nikhil

Jun 23, 2020 06:05 AM

Since the death of young actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the raging debate over Nepotism is growing in Bollywood. In fact, many pointed their fingers against the biggies in the Hindi Film Industry by alleging that they have sabotaged careers of several aspiring and uprising stars. The backlash against them hasn’t yet settled down. Meanwhile, Tollywood actor Nikhil who married recently has made a few interesting comments on nepotism in TFI.

Nikhil Siddartha in a Question and Answer session with his followers on Twitter has expressed that he never felt any nepotism in Tollywood. ‘Truthfully... Never... The Telugu Industry has been the most welcoming to me I’m proud to be a part of the Tollywood Family.’ replied the ‘ArjunSurvaram’ actor when he was asked whether he was affected by nepotism in his film journey.

Furthermore, Nikhil also went on to state that nepotism exists in every field and profession. And he also expressed that those with the talent and hard work will finally shine either with or without the family. But, this response of the ‘Karthikeya’ actor is getting mixed reactions from the netizens. Few feel that the actor was only trying not to be in the bad eyes of the biggies in the industry.

The people who are opposing Nikhil’s view are saying that nepotism exists in Tollywood too. To support their claim, many instances of the actors who rose to fame and later bite the dust are being quoted. Meanwhile, Nikhil clarified that he was taking film making classes from the last three months during the lockdown period.