‘Nepotistic’ Bollywood Boycotted Sushant Singh Rajput?

Jun 16, 2020 05:27 AM

Much promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput is no more and the allegations of nepotism are creating ripples in Bollywood film circles. The people who are slowly coming out of the shocking news are pointing fingers at some of the bigwigs in the ‘B’ town. Starting with KRK, the blame game in the industry is now exposing the dark evil side of the dream world.

It all started with critic Kamaal R Khan’s tweet on the young actor’s death. He broke the net with his tweet alleging the top production houses attitude of sidelining Sushant had eventually killed the actor. KRK took the biggest names in the industry including Karan Johar, Yashraj Films, Balaji Films, and also Salman Khan. Few people in the industry lashed out at him stating that KRK is a parasite. ‘I can make a video with facts behind Sushant’s suicide. But I won’t as I don’t want to make big powerful Bollywood people my enemies.’ stated the critic.

Meanwhile, actress KanganaRanaut questioned the Bollywood for ignoring awards to the much deserving Sushant. She stated that the industry willfully ignores acknowledging the good work of the outsiders. And also Kangana alleged that the tinsel town which maintains silence on SunjayDutt’s drug addiction would conveniently spread rumors against easy targets like Sushant.

VivekOberoi posted a heartfelt message over Sushant’s suicide. He appealed the industry to do some serious introspection by bitching less and caring more. ‘Less power play, more grace and large-heartedness, less ego trips, and more acknowledgment for deserving talents, talent should be nurtured and not crushed, the artist should feel appreciated but not manipulated.’ Appealed Oberoi in his note released on twitter.

Director ShekharKapur tweeted that he knew the story of the people who let Sushant down badly. Further, he expressed that what happened to the actor was the karma of those people who made the rising star go through such pain. The insiders say that the YRF banner backed off abruptly from producing Sushant’s movie with the director. At the same time, sources say that differences cropped up between Sushant and Karan Johar also over the film ‘Drive’.

This movie which was supposed to release in the first half of 2018 was postponed several times by the producer. It was also promoted to be released in June 2019. But it did not happen. Ignoring Sushant, the makers and the leading actress promoted the movie. Instead of a theatrical release, Karan Joharfinally released ‘Drive’ on OTT in November 2019. It is said that this has deeply hurt the actor. We certainly don’t know how many such invisible deeper wounds had led the young Sushant to take the extreme step.