‘Naked’ Heroine Reveals her Remuneration!

Jul 04, 2020 06:27 AM

When the entire world is standing still in doldrums due to Corona, director Ram Gopal Varma still found a way out and created his own world of cinema. Launching his own OTT platform in the name of ‘RGV World’, the director is churning out film after film effortlessly. More than that, with very nominal budgets he is able to reap profits by fixing the price to pay per view. So, many in the industry might be in envy of Ramu these days for his brains.

After releasing Climax on RGV World, the director came up with ‘Naked’. This 22-minute length movie released on 30th June already crossed a 1 Cr collection. The cost of production as stated by the director was just a lakh. Even if it is not true, the profit ratio seems to be a minimum of ten times to its budget.

Sweety aka Sri Rapaka played the leading lady in Naked. She is a designer by profession and worked for several Tollywood films. In an interview, she clarified that the movie was shot in just a couple of days. Sri explained that the makers were told that her remuneration was a lakh per day. ‘Accordingly, I got two lakhs for a couple of days of my work including an hour’s dubbing.’ said the actress.

Sri shared that many people in Tollywood suggested her to demand more after the success of its trailer. She clarified that it was against her character and chose not to ask for more even though the movie collected 1 Cr.

Meanwhile, director Ram Gopal Varma has lined up many films to release them on his OTT. Apart from Corona, all the other movies including ‘Power Star’, ‘Murder’, and ‘The Man Who Killed Gandhi’ are based on controversial subjects. And the list is growing as RGV announced another horror film ’12 ‘O’ Clock’ last night.

So, it is very evident that Ramu can make most out of the Corona days being in direct connect with his audience.

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