Naga Babu suddenly turns Nice and Preaches Positivity Politely!

Jul 04, 2020 08:17 AM
Naga Babu

Mega brother ‘Naga Babu’ has frequently made the headlines these days with his controversial expressions and tweets on social media. Furthermore, he also continued expressing his opinions strongly in his interviews on television and youtube channels. Mainly, his statements on Mahatma Gandhi and Nathuram Godse even led to filing cases against the producer turned actor.

And also, his response to Bala Krishna’s open statement on TFI meet with the Telangana Government equally turned controversial. The Nandamuri fans trolled the actor for demanding Balaiah Babu’s apology. Apart from that, Naga Babu also opined his views on the management of Temples, Hindu Dharma, freedom fighters images on currency notes and etc.

Even Humanist Babu Gogineni also responded strongly to mega brother’s opinions. Gogineni stated that Gandhi’s assassination by Godse is not debatable but the debate should be on to find out whether Naga Babu is a human being or not. The other day, the actor has changed his youtube’s ‘Naa Ishtam Naa Channel’ name into ‘Mana Ishtam Mana Channel’.

In this youtube channel, Naga Babu released a video stressing the importance of proper usage of language and polite expression. In the video, he expressed that choosing the right words to communicate will put an end to a lot of clashes not between the persons but also among the nations. Giving a few examples, he emphasized that the language when used beautifully will save us and at the same time it turns into a destructive weapon when used wrongly.

Finally, Naga Babu appealed to live happily by choosing the right words for communication. This sudden change in Naga Babu is raising the eyebrows of many. Few feel that the actor might have exhausted with the negativity surrounding his views. So, they think that he finally decided to spread positivity instead of poking negativity with controversial views. Let’s wish that he continues like this instead of raking up the scars of history which can’t be healed now.

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