Naga Babu opens up on Niharika’s Marriage

May 13, 2020 11:49 AM

The Corona crisis seems to be ringing wedding bells in the Telugu Film Industry. Mega brother Naga Babu speaking in an interview has revealed his marriage plans for his children VarunTej and Niharika. Both his children are doing a fine job at their respective levels in the entertainment industry. Of course, many rumors are often floated against Niharika about her love life but VarunTej is very fortunate as the gossip mongers left him out in this regard.

When asked about the marriages of his children, Naga Babu shared the experience of his own marriage. The actor explained that he had to force his mother to get him hitched when he was entering the 30s. Further, he said that they are looking for matches to his daughter Niharika and expressed that she would be married definitely by April or May next year.

Similarly, he said that VarunTej’s marriage will also be done by the end of next year and if not by 2022 at the earliest. Naga Babu expressed that his children's marriages will relieve him from the stress of keeping a close watch on their late arrivals to home at night. He added that all such stuff which burdens him with tension will be taken care of by their partners once they get married.

At the same time, the Adhirindhi show judge also expressed confidence that his daughter Niharika will be marrying a person chose by him. And when it comes to VarunTej, he shared that his son wanted a working professional as his wife and doesn’t like to get married to a girl who stays at home as a housewife.

Besides, Naga Babu also opined that both his children are earning and felt that it is the time for them to get married and settle down in their personal lives as well. In the interview, the actor and producer also shared his opinions on Corona by saying that it has made us realize every minute how life is very fragile and insecure.

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