My Father EVV decided to Commit Suicide Then: Allari Naresh

May 20, 2020 03:07 AM

Allari Naresh speaking about his father EVV Satyanarayana recently, reminded the worst days of their life. In a shocking revelation, Naresh revealed that his father wanted to commit suicide when his first film was a failure. EVV made his directorial debut ‘Chevilo Puvvu’ which released in 1990. This movie stars Rajendra Prasad in the lead.

The Allari hero explained that his father went into depression after its failure. ‘He lost all the hope and his confidence as a director was also dented along with the mounting financial problems’ said the director’s son. Moreover, he had a family of wife and a couple of children to rise. ‘We had to move to a small house from a bigger one as we couldn’t offer the rent during those turbulent times’ said the entertaining actor.

Naresh remembering those days stated that his father went to Vizag to jump and commit suicide at Rajahmundry’s Godavari bridge on his return. ‘My father could have taken the extreme step hadn’t we didn’t flash in his mind suddenly’ clarified the actor. Then he went on saying that his father decided to work as a co-director to support the family and returned back.

Later, EVV Satyanarayana got the opportunity from producer D Rama Naidu. His film ‘PremaKhaidi’ went on to become a blockbuster and it was even remade with KarishmaKapoor in Bollywood too. Since then, EVV never had to turn back and he kept churning out film after film and also introduced many actors in Tollywood.

Naresh expressed his deep gratitude for D Rama Naidu by stating that he was a godly figure to their entire family. Eventually, both sons of EVV turned actors in TFI and AllariNaresh became a successful hero of comedy genre movies. So, this incident shows that life gives another opportunity for everyone in life and it is up to the individuals to grab the opportunity and move on.

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