More Tests and More Inefficiency in Andhra Pradesh

Jul 15, 2020 05:30 AM

It was all jingoism and the Media website of YSRCP augmented the image of Jagan Mohan Reddy. However, all the applause and lauding had unfortunately come to an end. It was flash in the pan and illusion spread by yellow media. They did that during the 1088 ambulances propaganda and they are continuing. The chest-thumping phonies are silent after a huge number of Covid-19 death tolls. Great Andhra published an article about Jagan being a better leader than KCR. Perhaps he is a better gangster. There is already a twitter account of Jagan Army. ‘Army’ is only a euphemism it should be changed to ‘Gang’.

The shameless website published an article with the heading, “AP Breaking Its Records In COVID Death Toll!”

It looks like human life doesn’t matter perhaps the heading should have reflected some seriousness. But they seem to publish it as if it is an achievement of the State Government and a feather in the cap for them. The website reflects the attitude of their leader which is ruthless, rough, and apathetic. It was indeed an insensitive heading.

Andhra Pradesh has the lowest recovery rate and despite the State Government boasting of the highest number of tests; it is still 5th in active cases. Apart from the spike in the number of cases, there is also wastage of samples and kits in various districts. It was terrible negligence in Prakasham district where 27,000 kits and samples were wasted. Nearly 2 lakh units are misplaced around the state in various districts. This had resulted in confusion and the mix-ups are compounding the problem. People who were negative have shown positive and those with positive covid symptom are showing negative.

One can easily conclude that speed was maintained but there was no accuracy and accountability. YSRCP own deputy CM wasn’t treated properly in Tirupati General Hospital and he had to get treatment in a private hospital Hyderabad.

The hapless patients are paying Rs 500/- per day and they are getting foul-smelling food.

It would have been a nightmare for the patient if the ruling party would have come up with Rs 5/- Anna Canteen concept. In fact, Anna canteen served hygienic meal, but getting rotten food at Rs 500/- is unbelievable. In Hyderabad, they could have purchased 2 biryanis from a decent hotel.

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