Mohammmed Rafi Songs For Drills

Jun 22, 2020 01:13 PM

The very word Drill is associated with mechanical, boring and joyless repetition feelings. This is because at one point in our childhood we felt so.

We all remember drill, during our schooling physical traning classes and left-right-left which we used to practice to perform on Independence and Republic day parades in School. However, one could only wish a drill trainer like ASI Mohammed Rafi to train especially when you hate to take part in drill. Unlike Legendary singer by same name, Mohammed Rafi is not a gifted singer but he brings engery and playfulness to conduct drill sessions and turn them into a joyful experience.

The video of one such training session by Mohammed Rafi, recently tweeted by Anil Kumar IPS, Additional commissioner of Police for Traffic Hyderabad, drill instruction quickly garnerd 1.2 Lakh views, 6500 likes and retweeted by 1000 members inlcuding IPS Association. IPS Association also added the tag #HumansInKhaki. It is also doing rounds in other social media and turned into a viral video which is now being reported by national media too.

In the video one can see ASI Mohammed Rafi singing famous song "Dhal Gaya Din" from the movie Hamjoli sung by Mohammmed Rafi (legendary singer) and Asha Bhosle. For every line sung by Rafi, the drill performing trainees joins in chorus by shouting "hai" and 1-2-3-4. ASI Rafi also improvises song lyrics with instrucitons like "Peeche Mudd".

The Netizens appreciated the way Rafi is bringing energy and productivity to the drill and change the very association of the word "drill" in our minds.

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