Megastar Chiranjeevi set Niharika’s Marriage?

Jun 19, 2020 02:41 PM

Niharika Konidela, the daughter of mega brother Naga Babu has revealed her fiancée last night. Since then, the joyous mega fans started enquiring about her would-be hubby Chaitanya and also showed interest in knowing the dates of the marriage and wedding. More than that, they are curious to know how Niharika and Chaitanya’s marriage is set.

Ending their suspense, the insiders revealed that this is set by none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi. Niharika is very close to Chiru and even calls him ‘Big Daddy’. Hence, the fatherly figure of mega family also shows a special affection towards her and even treats Niharika like his own daughter. She even got to play a couple of scenes in ‘SyeRaaNarasimha Reddy’ too.

Guna Venkataratnam, the father of Chaitanya’s mother Padma was a close friend of Chiru’s dad, Venkateswar Rao. Even after Padma’s marriage, the Chiranjeevi family maintained the same friendly ties even with her husband JonnalaGaddaVenkateswar Rao. In fact, Chiranjeevi and Chaitanya’s father is known to be good friends for long.

During a recent interaction between the friends, JVR raised the topic of his son Chaitanya’s marriage with the megastar. So, Chiranjeevi is said to have asked IG JV Rao to consider Niharika. The police officer has straight away agreed to the proposal and now the news of Niharika’s marriage has become official. The dates of engagement and wedding are not announced yet. But the sources say that the marriage will take place in February next year.

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