Meera Chopra files Complaint against Jr NTR Fans!

Jun 04, 2020 12:01 PM

‘Ask Meera’ live interaction session with Twitterati has landed the ‘Bangaram’ heroine Meera Chopra in deep trouble with NTR fans. The response given by the actress towards a question on Young Tiger has irked his fans. Hence, she was taken for a ride with severe trolling. Few of them abused her in a very derogatory language calling her a bitch, whore, and porn star on Twitter.

When asked about his Bangaram costar Pawan Kalyan during her online session, Meera expressed that Pawan was a thorough gentle and a nice human being. There was no issue when she said a few good words about the actor she once shared the screen with. It all started when the Vaana heroine expressed that she doesn’t know who Jr NTR is and also stating that she is not his fan either.

This statement of hers looked rude for a few of the hardcore fans of the young Nandamuri star. So, the trolls abusing her started. The response of her towards a few of them also made the matters worse. Some even went on threatening her with rape and murder. The angry actress also tagged Jr NTR questioning the behavior of his fans and slut-shaming her on twitter.

This is not the first time in the south to see a star’s fans react in such away. There were many similar incidents that happened in the past. Heroine Samantha also faced the brunt from Mahesh Babu Fans in the past when she expressed her opinion on a poster of ‘One…Nenokkadine’ movie. However, it ended on a decent note as many understood her intention behind her comments.

And there is Kathi Mahesh Vs Pawan Kalyan fans issue still afresh in our minds to name one. Similarly, the spat between Tamil stars Vijay and Ajith fans on social media also made many headlines. These kinds of things cannot be in someone’s control as every individual has their own opinion. Especially, the emotionally obsessive fans can’t restrain themselves when they feel that their favorite hero is snubbed by someone.

However, Meera Chopra has lodged a complaint against abusive Jr NTR fans in the cyber cell to take necessary action against them. The offended actress tagged Hyderabad City Police, National Women Commission, and its Chairperson Rekha Sharma. ‘FIR has been registered by @hydcitypolice through @NCWIndia intervention and a request has also been sent to @TwitterIndia for deletion of objectionable content. #HappyToHelp @MeerraChopra@UN_Women @unwomenindia’ the NCW Chairperson responded.

Finally, it is also not fair to blame the stars asking them to take responsibility for everything that goes around on social media on their names. They might put a word to their fans to ignore such responses and comments. But it will be up to the individuals to restrain their expressions on social media. Anyhow, let’s wait and see how Tarak responds to this whole issue.

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