Maoism to Stateswoman

May 12, 2020 06:17 AM

Meet Dansari Anasuya also called Seethakka (Sister Sita) in her constituency. A former Naxal and currently a two time MLA. It is indeed an interesting story from guns to politics. Seethakka was a Naxal for two decades. In 2004 she surrendered to the police, and after all the legal formalities she studied law and started taking an active interest in public life and Governance. This impressed the Chief Minister of the united Andhra then, who was N. Chandrababu Naidu and eventually she received a ticket. This kick-started her political career.

Since then Seethakka is the interlocutor between the State government and the Adivasi people. The indigenous knowledge that she garnered over the decades is helpful to keep the dissident people in line. The constituency was once the hotbed of Naxalite movement because it was neglected by the Government. Seethakka not only kept the Naxalbari at bay she became the voice of the Adivasi.

The Coronavirus is testing the caliber of the 48-year old MLA. She is visiting her constituency which constitutes of several villages and hamlets. Since 26th March she has so far covered 150 villages. The leader is aware of the area and the secret routes. There was a time when she walked through the verdant forest hiding from the security. Today she is walking through the same region with a different purpose. Indeed the region and the landscape remains the same, but her political will to change the lives of the villagers made all the difference. She walks through the region or hires a bullock cart, and use buses, tractors or cars to reach villages with supplies, food and medicines. There is also a service for pregnant women and other medical emergency.

The Seetakka Foundation that she runs receives donations from many Indians and several farmers are donating in kinds such as vegetables and rice. This is speeding up the relief work in the interiors which is often neglected by the centre and state Government. Therefore Seethakka is an important link between the metropolitans and Tribals.

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