Man chiseled the Mountain into Temple

Jun 22, 2020 01:37 PM

In our mythology we come across many stories and miracles which emphasie that devotion leads to determination to reach God and do good work for the society, like the bridge built by Vanara Sena to Lanka with devotion to Sri Ram. Many Sthala puranas of temples across the country also mention the miracles and impossible tasks devotees took up to establish those temples. We wonder and agree that such things could only happen in those ancient days, Satya Yug but it's not possible during this Kali Yug.

Paramiah Dasu aka Paramiah Yadav is one person who proves us wrong that it's not only in those days but these days also with faith and devotion one could achieve extra ordinary feats. He has single handedly built a temple dedicated to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy by chiseling a mountain. Yes you read correctly he has chiseled the mountain into temple with just crowbar, chisel, hammer and spent 10 years make this temple.

This wonderful temple is located in Velchal Village on the outskirts of Vikarabad around 100 kms away from Hyderabad city. One has to walk through the cave chiseled out of mountian, which is 20 meter long and 5 feet wide at the end of this strucutre on reach sanctum sanctorum.

One day while rearing sheep Paramiah was looking for shelter due to sudden rain, it was after this he decided to dig a cave for shelter. However during that night Paramiah had a dream in which Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy asked him to make a cave for him to stay. After that day He started working day and night in making the cave, it took 10 years to finish it. This happened 50-60 years also paramiah is now in his 70s-80s.

Paramiah Dasu says that it was out of love for his God he dedicated himself to making of this temple. He now lives inside the temple all the time made it his home, he moved out of village for good.

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