Malls, Temples, Restaurants Open With New Rules

Jun 09, 2020 09:15 AM

Shopping malls, restaurants and temples open after a long break of 3 months. Malls and restaurants have been closed in Telangana and the rest of India since March 24th, when the first phase of lockdown came into effect. A lot of them reported far less business owing to fear of corona. GHMC has only been seeing an increase in cases for the last few days.

“We have a done fraction of what we would have done on a regular Sunday in terms of business. But it’s good to be back. We have a lot of precautionary measures in place and malls can be organized, unlike open markets. So I’m assuming we’ll see better days. “, says Swaroop Reddy, a retail executive. The new measures include effective social distancing norms, use of sanitizers, disinfectant machines etc.,

New rules can be found in restaurants too with carefully segregated seating measures. Even they have not opened to full business. Most of them know very well that things may not be same as pre covid times. “ The new normal may not be the same as before. Obviously, people will be afraid to eat out with so many cases being reported every day. Whatever happens, happens!”, says Mahesh who runs a restaurant in Kukatpally.

Temples have also opened with strict new rules, like temperature screening at the entrance and other regular norms. Devotees were not allowed to give coconut offerings or do Puja and only allowed a darshan. Hopefully god’s darshan will get out of this thorough mess.

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