Living With Coronavirus- False Equivalence

May 05, 2020 08:57 AM

The tone and circumstances make all the difference when a leader is making a statement on novel coronavirus. It does give a clear impression of the minister and his responsibility towards the state. A clear picture of the circumstances would stop some media reporters and websites to bring false equivalence.

Take the example of YS Jagan who said, “We have to live with coronavirus and it is not soo dangerous, also the cure is paracetamol.”

The above statement is callous and reeks of carelessness towards the people of the state. The statement was made in March when lockdown started throughout the globe. Hence every state was following the centre and preparing for the lockdown. But the chief minister was recommending medicine and cure. He seemed dangerously confident with his half-baked information on viruses and treatment.

Unfortunately, some media houses are comparing Arvind Kejriwal statement with that of YS Jagan.

Kejriwal said, “It is time to reopen Delhi, ready to live with coronavirus.”

Unlike Jagan, the above statement by Kejriwal is without any prescribed medicine and it was made after the two months of lockdown period. Jagan statement was before the lockdown and it showed carelessness. Also, the ‘reopening’ is nothing but relaxing the lockdown. The relaxation would be implemented with guidelines recommended by the centre. It includes technicians, plumbers, and domestic help.

Market places, coaching centers, educational institutions, barbershops, Cycle rickshaws, and autos would remain close. Hence a concerted effort to minimize the economic slowdown and reduce the infection cases is the need of the hour. A balancing act is different from a reckless attitude.

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