LG Polymers is not in favor of National Green Tribunal Inquiry

May 21, 2020 12:30 PM
lg polymers

The unfortunate LG Polymers styrene gas leakage on May 7th led to 12 deaths and over 500 people hospitalized. The victim exposed to the lethal gas would face long term health issues. The company received a major dent on Tuesday in Supreme Court. The apex court dismissed the petition by the company to put a stay order on the National Green Tribunal for an investigation. The company is not happy with NGT intervention and investigation. All the objections raised by the LG Polymers are posted to 8th of June.

The company raised an issue that it is not under the NGT jurisdiction to inquire about the leakage. LG Polymers is unhappy about the fact that the NGT is taking a suo motu inquiry and they have seriously objected to it. Above all the Supreme Court had refused to the argument.

The NGT is given special powers in the investigation. Also, the hearing would begin in Apex court only after the NGT inquiry is over. The court also ruled that every legal issue should be raised through NGT. The lawyers representing LG Polymers would challenge the NGT intervention and Andhra Pradesh state high court decision in Supreme Court. So far the company had challenged the high court decision to deposit 50 crores until the investigation of the gas leakage is completed.

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