Leopard Breaks Lockdown in Hyderabad

May 16, 2020 05:39 AM

Three quintessential features of Hyderabad are Biryani, Sherwani, and Pareshani(Panic). However, yesterday Pareshani took over Hyderabadis after a leopard was spotted Mailardevpally outskirts. A couple of motorists spotted a leopard under the Katedan Bridge in the early hours of Thursday. The police was immediately informed and they subsequently informed the forest department who flung into action to capture the wild animal.

The beast was meandering around a private farm on Shamshabad road. He was injured also the forest officials were using tranquillizers to catch the leopard.

Many passersby clicked pictures of the leopard on the mobile phone. Police, on the other hand, stopped the traffic from both sides.

It was a field day for forest official who had to rescue Asian Palm Civet from Golconda area. The animal entered the Fateh Darwaza previous night triggering panic in the surrounding area. Many locals thought that it was Black Panther. The Civet was taken to the Nehru Zoological Park. The animals require some treatment and very soon it will be taken to the forest.

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