KTR Sneeze in News

May 13, 2020 11:29 AM

Amid the Covid-19 virus, one thing that scares every mortal is a sneeze. It doesn’t matter who does it. A sneeze is a cardinal sin; maybe a blasphemy. Irrespective of social status everyone might in future develop the art to stop sneeze. Maybe in future yoga gurus might come with a unique asana to stop sneezing. There could be special exercises to control sneeze, or maybe a new meditation technique might evolve. If not a common man a VIP would certainly think about looking for other ways to stop sneezing. This is to stop embarrassment around people or in formal gathering. It would unnecessarily create controversy.

Recently KTR was caught sneezing and coughing by an electronic media channel. This happened on his visit to Rajanna-Siricilla district. It created discomfort for the people around him. In fact officials and leaders felt awkward. The news became viral and such news spread faster than viruses. Many people suspected of Coronavirus. However, there were no symptoms of Covid-19. No one showed their apprehensions or even spoke about it. But there was a tweet for his well-being.

The tweet said, “Concerned about your health. You have been a COVID warrior since the virus engulfed us, unmindful of your health. Please reassure about your health. You are our hope. Please take care.”

KTR replied to the tweet on Tuesday afternoon saying, “Many thanks for your concern sir. Perfectly well now. Developed an allergic cold (struggling for many years) en route to Siricilla. Didn’t want to cancel my visit suddenly as it would inconvenience many people. Apologies for any inconvenience I may have caused inadvertently.”

Indeed times have changed and no one would dare to say, “God bless you.” after a sneeze.

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