Krishna and His Leela: A Scintillating Story of Contemporary Urban Romance

Jul 07, 2020 05:21 AM
  • Duration :2 Hr 5 Min 50 Sec
  • Release date :June 25th, 2020
  • Genre : Romance, Comedy and Drama
  • Star Cast Siddhu, ShraddhaSrinath, ShaliniVadnikatti, SeeratKapoor
  • Director : Ravikanth Perepu
  • Produced by :Sanjay Reddy and Presented by Rana Daggubati
  • Written by :Ravikanth Perepu & Siddu Jonnalagadda
  • Music Director : Sricharan Pakala
  • Cinematographer :Shaneil Deo & Sai Prakash U
  • Editor :Garry BH, Ravikanth Perepu& Siddu Jonnalagadda
  • Production Comapny :Suresh Productions & Viacom18 Motion Pictures
  • OTT Platforms :Netflix and AHA

Voila! It’s a humongous success


While a dark night turns into a day and clearing clouds to pave the way to bright sunrays, Krishna (SidhuJonnalagadda) comes out of his tent laid somewhere in the Himalayas. This opening scene of the movie might have probably shot from the director’s creative point of view as a sign of clearing the clutter in Krishna’s mind which tilts between Sathya (ShraddhaSrinath) and Radha (ShaliniVadnikatti).

Saying that he has a problem, Krishna takes the audience into his flashback. Sathya is a senior to Krishna in the college. The flashback starts with Sathya breaking up with him as she finds a job in Bengaluru. The disturbed Kirshna who lives with his single mother (Jhansi) decides not to fall for any other girl in his life. But eventually, Krishna’s fickle mindset doesn’t stop him from getting attracted to his junior Radha.

When the romance gets blossoming into a peak with Radha, Krishna gets a job in Bengaluru. Krishna’s sister Arya (SamyuktaHornard) who is already working in Bengaluru stays with Rukhsar (SeeratKapur) in a flat. So, Krishna also lands in the same flat. While his life starts moving on in the IT city, he finds Sathya again. Then the story revolves around Krishna Ricocheting between the two girls Sathya and Radha. The outside observer of all these romantic adventures of Krishna is Rukhsar.

When the situation comes to decide between the two, Krishna lands in ambiguity. He feels tough to choose as he loves both the women equally. And it gets even tougher for him to handle his girls when both of them arrive at the place of his sister’s wedding. Here, Krishna’s separated father (Sampath Raj) saves him and explains that the similar confusion parted him from his mother. Finally, he suggests Krishna to be honest with his relationships instead of suffering with guilt for the rest of his life.

And with whom Krishna settles down is suspense and find it on OTT.


Sidhu Jonnalgadda is a refreshing surprise of the film. He nailed the character of Krishna perfectly. Especially, the ease with which he portrayed a difficult role of having bad traits like flirting, obsessively romancing, boozing, lying, and indecisiveness should be applauded. In fact, the intensity in his eyes which he carried throughout the film is brilliant. Being a writer of this film himself would have helped him to understand his character better and might have allowed him to go deep under its skin.

At the same time, the girls don’t fall behind. All three ShraddhaSrinath, ShaliniVadnikatti, and SeeratKapoor did complete justice to their roles. Sampath Nandi, Jhansi, and Viva Harsha did their part.

Technical Aspects

Director RavikanthPerepu succeeded in pulling off a tight rope walk alike script convincingly. All credits to him for maintaining the women characters’ integrity in the movie. Sri CharanPakala’s music helped to uphold the emotions in the film. Editing by Garry H which is supported by Ravikanth Perepu and Siddu Jonnalagadda glues us to the screens till the end.

Final Verdict

‘Krishna and His Leela’ is a well-made, engaging film on intense but fiddling modern relationships.

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