KCR Reaches out to Families of Fallen Soldiers

Jun 24, 2020 10:13 AM

Telangana Chief Minister KCR declared 5 Crore compensation, a residential plot and a Group-1 Government job to Colonel Santosh Babu's family. CM also declared 10 lakh rupees compensation for each of the 19 other soldiers who are killed in confrontation with Chinese Army. These accouncements came during the all-party meet conducted by PM Modi.

CM KCR said he would personally go to meet Colonel's family and handover the necessary documents. Compensation for soldiers would be handed over to Union Defence Ministry which would in turn hand over the cheques to kin of these soldiers.

Apart from these accouncements, KCR also gave call to his counterparts in all states to come forward and help soldiers in their respective states. He said such actions instills great confidence among armed forces that they are not alone but the entire nation considers them as family and looks after their family in case of any adverse situation.

Speaking during the all-party meeting KCR also suggested PM Modi to repel Huawei company's strategies in 5G implementation, join D Group and Oran alliance as suggested by UK in making strategic partnerships with other countries against China. He said China is jittered as India is attracting lot of foreign direct investments, there is a real possibility of more investments coming to India from China as the latter has become quite unpopular due to it's handling of coronavirus.

There is a wide spread appreciation for KCR and Telangana Government for coming forward to help the families of fallen soldiers.

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