KCR Has No Faith in Private Labs

Jul 05, 2020 10:18 AM

A strict order was given by the State High Court to the ruling Government in Telangana to conduct more Covid-19 tests. Hence, permission was granted to private labs to conduct more tests. So far the figures provided by the State Medical and Health Department were considered to be authentic and no one questioned the veracity. Almost 23 private diagnostic laboratories were permitted to conduct Covid-19 tests after approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). However, there was a caveat that the private labs had to upload the figures on the Government portal.

This made an incredible difference as the number of positive cases surged in the city in the last few days. More and more positive cases were detected. The positive cases increased up to 71.70%.

In 10 days things went awry; nearly 3000 Covid-19 patients were tested positive in the private labs. These cases are untraceable and they were not reported to the State Government. Things became more complicated when 6000 primary contacts went missing and there is no record of them in the Government data. Giving permission to the private lab had indeed defeated the purpose.

Unfortunately, the procedure wasn’t followed. Any patient tested positive by the private lab; his/her details were given to the State Government and these details were updated on the Government portal. A unique ID number was generated through which the ICMR and the State Health Department tracked the patient. There was a special staff involved in tracing.

The private labs are charging around Rs 3000 to 6000 per tests and after the test is done there is no whereabouts of the patient. Many patients are willing to get themselves registered into the tracing system, but their medical reports are chaotic and there is only the registration of bill number. It is rather unfortunate that the unique ID number is missing and several patients are untraceable.

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