KCR Found At Last!

Jul 10, 2020 10:11 AM

Amid the Corona crisis and rapid increase in positive cases; the state of Telangana was gripped in fear and the disappearance of Chief Minister made matters worse. There were rumors about his health and it is confirmed now that Chief Minister KCR is fine in his farmhouse. He’s been staying in his farmhouse for the last 10-days. Everyone including the opposition party was angry about the sudden disappearance. However, an audiotape was leaked where KCR is having a candid conversation with a Zilla Parishad member. It put an end to all the rumors and speculation about his health and whereabouts. He was sounding healthy and everything was fine. In the conversation, he also mentioned about the supply of water in the next four days to Medipalli and Kathalapur mandals.

The audiotape also revealed that the Chief Minister is looking after the Kaleshwaram and water supply towards agriculture in Northern Telangana.

KCR said, “He doesn't need to be in Telangana Bhavan. He is ruling the state from his farmhouse.”

There is still doubt among the opposition and his adversaries. They are speculating that it could be a self-quarantine. Also, the timing of the recording of the audiotape is seen with suspicion.

Television anchor Naveen Kumar filled a petition on KCR whereabouts. The Congress party had raised a concern over the health of Chief Minister and demanding officials to provide details about the Chief Minister’s health condition.

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