KCR Discourage People to Go to Private Hospital

Jul 23, 2020 06:31 AM

KCR is advising people not to visit a private hospital and he expects that people should not be vocal and criticize him. Unfortunately the “emperor has no clothes” and the advice seems facetious. The state policies had been deplorable and Telangana is in absolute doldrums. First, there was a secretariat fiasco which is being hidden from the media and common man. The statements made by the party leaders are contradicting the chief minister.

The Osmania Hospital flooding was a new low and KCR defended himself by passing the buck on the opposition. He stated that the party was willing to demolish the old Osmania hospital structure and build a new one. But the opposition intervened and stopped the plan because the structure was a heritage site. But the explanation doesn’t matter at this time as the pandemic is too big for such excuses. There had been serious mismanagement by Telangana State Government.

After watching the horrendous videos that went viral over the social media; it is rather strange that KCR is discouraging the people to go to a private hospital. In fact, the only option for a poor man is the Government Hospital. But the pitiable situation of the state-run hospital is scaring a common man. It is a nightmarish place to be; in fact, it is a reflection of the mismanagement of the state Government.

The private hospitals are certainly ripping-off a common man and the exorbitant fee is taking a toll on middleclass person. A few days back there was a video that went viral of a lady doctor from fever hospital wailing. She was admitted to a private hospital after testing positive and was charged 1.15 lakh rupees in a single day. People are aware of the reality but the state government has no concrete plan. TRS had disappointed the common man and their highhandedness is deplorable.

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