Kaushal Manda Dumps his Bigg Boss China Phone into Dustbin!

Jun 24, 2020 07:07 AM

‘Ban and Boycott the Chinese products’ has become the slogan across the nation since the day of the clash at Indo-China border. Many messages asking to delete Chinese apps and boycott its products are being exchanged on social media. Few are even posting the videos of throwing away the Communist nation’s brands. A video of crushing a TV by the people living in a Gujarat’s residential complex has gone viral.

Amid this scenario, the Telugu Bigg Boss-2 title winner KaushalManda also joined the bandwagon of boycotting Chinese items. He posted a video of breaking his phone hitting hard to the floor. Furthermore, he dumped the damaged phone into the dustbin. Kaushal stated that he won that OPPO phone in Bigg Boss and is throwing it away as it is a China product.

The experts say that banning the China products is fine but not throwing them away. Because either it is won or bought, certainly some amount of energy or money would have been spent on that product. Most importantly, the spent money on the product was already pocketed by a China company. So it doesn’t make any sense after buying it.

Meanwhile, KaushalManda’s emotional act is also being trolled by many netizens. Few are stating that it is only reminding them of ‘Erragadda’. ‘Probably you didn’t like that cheap phone’, ‘Maybe your dustbin is also a China product’ ‘Stupid product broken by even more stupid guy’ are few of the reactions expressed on Kaushal’s act.

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