Kathi Mahesh transforms into ‘Hardcore’ Pawan Kalyan Fan!

Jul 23, 2020 06:26 AM

Kathi Mahesh needs no introduction in Telugu states. The cine critic who was confined to review movies on a TV channel has become popular with the Bigg Boss reality show. Later he became more familiar with his famous battle of words with Pawan Kalyan fans. Kathi never yielded back when it came to criticizing PK politically, personally as well as his style of acting in films.

The saga between Kathi and PK fans went on for a while and it even turned ugly with the personal attack on him. However, the PK critic became silent after the elections. Now again he is making news with his presence in RGV’s ‘Power Star’ and also in the film being made against RGV, ‘Paranna Jeevi’. This act of his is getting mixed reactions from Pawan Kalyan fans and Jana Sainiks.

Ironically but interestingly, Kathi Mahesh is playing a PK fan in ‘Paranna Jeevi’. He even wore a shirt having Pawan Kalyan’s image imprinted on the pocket. This film is being directed by another Bigg Boss participant ‘Nuthan Naidu’. It is being made as a counter to RGV’s satirical film on Jana Sena Chief. Most importantly, this movie is also planned to release exactly on the same day on which ‘Power Star’ also releases, i.e. on 25th July 2020.

At the same time, many fans of PK are furious over casting Kathi Mahesh in the movie. They are questioning the credibility of its makers by expressing that they are just making this movie to en-cash the controversy but not with love on PK. It is to be noted that Shreyas ET which partnered with RGV WORLD Theatre for ‘Climax’ and ‘Naked’ is producing ‘Paranna Jeevi’ after backing out from ‘Power Star’ due to various reasons.

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