Kakinada Shows Signs of repercussion of Liquor Crackdown

Jul 19, 2020 01:34 PM

It was expected and the outcome is indeed disastrous. Gold Andhra had been sagacious in the outcome related to liquor. The decision by the Andhra Pradesh Government to steadily cut down liquor is turning out to be a disaster. Recently 72 lakh worth of liquor was crushed under the road roller. It shows the archaic mindset of the ruling party. Great Andhra showed its dubious nature once again. They initially sided with Jagan over the liquor crackdown and the meteoric rise in taxes over liquor. They praised the leader for hiking the taxed on liquor by 75%.

Now Great Andhra is lamenting over the liquor mania in Kakinada. The moment there was an announcement over the closure of liquor for the next 24 hours, people out there gathered towards liquor shops in long queues buying their quotas; it indicates misplaced moral policing. The people were not following any social distancing and it was packed outside the liquor shop.

YSRCP takes a lot of pride in testing corona cases but they can’t be proud of the policies on liquor sales. The seizure of 72 lakh worth of liquor is an indication of the black market, and it seems like the crackdown is an outdated idea. This does not imply that we are endorsing the sale of liquor. Drinking gambling and various vices had been around for centuries and there is ample evidence that the crackdowns never worked. In fact, on the contrary, it led to a rise in the black market and more crime. Amid the rise in corona cases, the decision by the local governing authorities in Kakinada curfew on every Sunday turned out to be a disaster.

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